ICOEN 2 - 2015


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ICOEN2-2015-p001-Nico Wujanto,Tina Melinda-Grand Strategy For PT RIMA To Increase The Market Share of Bulk Cement.pdf386.38 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p023-Shaila Wida Raharja,Tina Melinda-The Influence Brand Ambassador to Brand Image Online Shop.pdf90.28 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p030-Rosalinda Lieonard, Hermeindito2-The Influence of Product Quality, Service Quality, and Relationship Marketing On The Customer Satisfaction of TSM.pdf127.47 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p039-Maria Karine Santoso, J.E. Sutanto-The Enhancement of Marketing Performance Through Relationship Marketing with Competitive Advantage as an Intervening Variable in Istana Kain Seragam (IKS).pdf141.06 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p049-Aldon MHP. Sinaga-How is Unitri Entrepreneurship Programs Perform?.pdf81.44 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p062-Sabrina Sihombing-In Search of Indonesian Entrepreneurs Values A Proposed Study.pdf89.92 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p070-Trisno Raharjo, Tina Melinda-Analysis of Internal and External Environment to Build Competitive Advantage Renovatio Companies.pdf124.63 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p078-Hutomo Setia Budi, JE-Sutanto-The Influence of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Acupuncture Therapy Business.pdf49.4 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p086-Amelia Wulandari, David Sukardi Kodrat-The Influence of Motivation on Customer Purchasing Decision in Gift Studio with Perception, Subjective Norm, and Purchasing Intention as Intervening Variables.pdf179.94 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p095-Rizky Martha Riyandhani, Denny Bernardus-Succession Planning PT. Tech Oil International.pdf144.58 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p104-Darno, Christina Whidya Utami-Strategic Planning Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum (PDAM) Surya Sembada Kota Surabaya with QSPM.pdf106.28 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p117-Yoga Sasongko, Hermeindito-Anylisis of Cost Saving from the Floating Tank into the Storage Tank at pt. TOI.pdf42.54 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p124-Christine Santoso, Tina Melinda—Feasibility Study of Tine’s Delicacy Business Development in Surabaya.pdf22.63 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p127-Gracia Agustina Tedjokumolo, J.E. Sutanto-Reducing Rework During Production Process Through Quality Control Circle (QCC) in PT. Arcon Perdana Globalindo.pdf285.58 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p14-Shaily Wida,Tina Melinda-The Influence of Culture Organization to Employee Performance of PT X.pdf208.73 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p142-Fuad Maja, Christina Whidya Utami-An Analysis of the Effectiveness Innovation Program on the Production Process in Water Filters Industry in Surabaya.pdf49.52 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p150-Yenny Novita, Tina Melinda-The Impact of Price and Product Quality Towards Purchase Decision of Bidaran Triger.pdf124.42 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p158-Maureen Nuradhi, Denny Bernadus-When Words of Mouth isn’t Enough For a Design Firm Channel, Analyzed from Hadiprana’s BMC.pdf78.68 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p171-Yanuardho Tigor P, Tina Melinda-Feasibility Study of Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Mojokerto City.pdf125.98 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p180-Sri Hadiati, Yuli Winarni-Impact of Asean China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) on Competitiveness and Performance of Micro, Small, and Medium- Sized Enterprises of Ceramic.pdf110.51 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p191-Yuli Winarni, Fahmi-Analysis on Prospector, Defender, Analyzer and Reactor Strategy Application for Small and Medium Enterprises.pdf182.87 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p202-Liliana Dewi, Cahyana Subadi-Lucky The Influence of Student-centered Learning in Teaching Budgeting to Student Entrepreneurial Profile in Ciputra University.pdf55.33 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p211-Tias A. Indarwati, R.A. Sista Paramita-Implementing Business Development Analysis Using Business Model Canvas Approach.pdf249.48 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p227-Teddy Subandi, J.E. Sutanto-Analisys Effect of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty UD.Cinta Rasa.pdf169.41 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p240-Asmirin Noor-Internal and External Factors Affecting Prospective Students’ Decision to Choose the Private College in Surabaya.pdf39.16 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p245-Edra Brahmantya Susilo-Analysis of Post Succession in Family Hermeindito Business at PT. Pancaran Tirta Kencana Supported by the Implementation of Control Management System.pdf58.45 Kb


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ICOEN2-2015-p001-Mamik, Sunarti, Sri Rahayu-The Delivery of Service in Forming the Image of the Hospital and Patients Satisfaction to Gain Patients Loyality in Kajuruhan Kepanjen Hospital Malang Regency.pdf159.62 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p010-Rahmawati, Martaleni-Green Marketing Strategy for Green Tourism Destination.pdf82.46 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p017-Stefanus Sastra, David Sukardi Kodrat-Customer Perception Toward “Paperink Printing & Offset” Company.pdf73.13 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p025-Yuyun Isbanah-Determinants of Bank Profitability in Indonesia- Internal Factor Analysis.pdf73.13 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p035-Suksesi-The Efforts For Increasing Public Welfare Through Development Of Public Purchasing Power, Health, and Education Fields in Pacitan Regency.pdf152.71 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p050-Salmin Ali Bin Madi1, J.E.Sutanto2- Impact Effect of Innovation, Quality Products on Customer Satisfaction and Consumer Loyalty UD “BM” Analysis Method with Partial Least Squares (PLS).pdf58.51 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p058-Bambang Raditya Purnomo, Jajuk Suprijati-Through Extracurricular Activities In Special School for the Deaf.pdf106.71 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p069-Bobby Anton, Tina Melinda-The Influence of Organizational Culture in Production Area to Improve Employee Performance in King Stone Company.pdf223.83 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p083-Martha Suhardiyah, Fachrudy Asj’ari, Subakir-The Profile of Small Medium Enterprises in Surabaya.pdf211.06 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p092-Christina Menuk Sri H,Wara Pramesti,Sugijanto-Entrepreneurship of Street Vendors (Case Study- Sentra PKL Surabaya).pdf110.63 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p103-Abdul Halim, Rahmawati-The Effect of Industrial Environment Toward Business Success in Small and Medium Industries with Moderating Role of Government Policy (Studies in Basic Materials and Metals Industrial Group, Malang City).pdf86.22 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p111-Dyah Sawitri, Ana Rosalia Ximenes Varela,Agostinho dos Santos Goncalves, Sebastiao Pereira-The Effect of Leadership Style, Job desciption Toward Career Development and Its Impact on the Performance of Employees.pdf83.71 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p124-Yose Ega Mulyadi, Christina Whidya Utami-Effect of Relationship Marketing on Loyalty Leather Chemical Division PT. Karyawiyosa Abadi.pdf111.68 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p133-Diana Evawati , Susilowati – Strategy As A Teaching Model Factory Service Improvement Entrepreneurship Competence Boga.pdf64.43 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p144-Rahmat Setiawan-Study of Ontology, Epistemology and Axiology on Management.pdf48.8 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p152-Wulandari Harjanti , Dwi Ratnawati-Effect of Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use to e-billing Usage by Taxpayers in East Java.pdf107.36 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p163-Lenny Gunawan,Tommy C. Efrata-Students’ Perspective in Choosing Innovation Strategies in Attempt for Surviving Valley of Death Phase- Case Study in Universitas Ciputra.pdf228.78 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p171-Monika Teguh , Hilda Yunita Wono-Bridging the Gap Between Entrepreneurship Principles and Catholic Social Teaching.pdf47.32 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p178-Luckman Ashary, Dwi Perwitasari Wiryaningtyas-Feasibility Analysis of Pecel Pincuk Garahan Rice Taverns Rice Tavern & Development Strategy.pdf82.58 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p186-Robert Purnomo, Tina Melinda-Construction of Online Buying Decision of Hand Tools.pdf152.06 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p193-Christoforus Surjoputro, Tina Melinda-The influence of Ability, Benevolence and Integrity on Consumer’s Trust in Yao2shop.pdf101.78 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p199-Adam Bakhtiar,David Sukardi Kodrat-Succession in Family Gold Shop .pdf95.16 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p210-Robby Soeharto, David Sukardi Kodrat-The Influence of Cost of Education, Source of Information, Education Quality, Study Location Toward International Student Perception About Education in a Country.pdf211.23 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p223-Oscarius Yudhi Ari Wijaya, Wirawan ED Radianto-Interactive Control Strategy of Management Control During the Process of Coaching Students’ Business.pdf42.42 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p230-Olivia Gondoputranto J.E. Sutanto-The Impact of Visual Appearance and Text Messages on Consumer Awareness of Non- formal Education Design Institution Creativo.pdf112.19 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p241-Parwita Setya W- Making Students to be Creative by Practising Entrepreneurship- A Classroom Action Research.pdf30.13 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p245-Bambang Purwoko, Dedy Kunhadi, Ahmad Gamal-The Development of Leather Crafts Industry Intako Cooperative’s Strategy in Tanggulangin in Facing Asean Economic Community (AEC) 2015 with Analytical Hierarchy Process Closure.pdf130.84 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p255-Rony Prabowo, Moses L. Singgih, P, Putu Dana Karningsih-Consumen Behavior and Problem Recognition Inactive Perspective- A Literature Review.pdf60.88 Kb


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ICOEN2-2015-p001-Evi Thelia Sari- Culture Awareness to Succeed in Mid-life During Corporate Culture Changes Applicable.pdf69.48 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p011-Aventi-Study Bamboo House Type 36.pdf68.27 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p021- JF. X Soesanto1-Opportunities Creatively Industry of Indonesia to Deal With in Aec 2015.pdf111.3 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p028-Sanuri , Rizki Amelia Agustin-Analysis of Hurriyyat al-ta’aqud Againts an Exemption Clause of a Shari’ah Standart Contract in Shari’ah BRI Bank of KCP of Gresik (An Analysis of Philosophy of Islamic Law).pdf77.87 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p039-Suqiyah Musafaah Muslim Entrepreneur Profile Exploring The Spirit of Entrepreneurship from The Quran and The Sunnah.pdf97.4 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p048-Aditya Hadi Juwono ,David Sukardi Kodrat-Analysing Ideal Succession Model and Successor Preparation of a Family Enterprise PT.Garis Matahari.pdf898.7 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p057-Esty Poedjioetami- Product Performance Analysis of Batik Pacitan Smes Using Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) and Potential Gain of Customer Value (pgcv)Index.pdf107.82 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p070-Titik Kusmantini ,Adi Djoko Guritno2,Yekti Utami-Supply Chain Optimization of Risk Model with AHP.pdf84.86 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p079-Hary Soegiri, Sawali-New Entrepreneur Program To The Young Unemployed in East Java.pdf51.26 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p086-Zainul Arifin Noor,Slamet Riyadi-Financial Planning Savings on Bank Central Asia and the Prudential Life Assurance (Study of Clients Make Investment Decisions).pdf52.36 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p093-Rachmad Hidayat-Quality Improvement in Tofu Produced by Madurese Home Industries.pdf218.43 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p102- Setya Haksama , M.Farid Dimyati Lusno-Effort to Improve the Quality of Health Care Based on Spiderweb Matrix in Puskesmas X Region Y.pdf343.69 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p112-Bambang Sudarsono Uswatun Hasanah, Faidal-Fishermen Comminity Development Model – Based Entrepreneurship in Developing Coastal Community Economic Independence in Bangkalan Madura.pdf65.56 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p119-Bambang Sudarsono , S Anugrahini Irawati-Effort of Image Building Cooperative in District Bangkalan with Dealing Asean Economic Community (AEC).pdf64.42 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p130-Andri Wijanarko,Yustina Chrismardani,Bambang Sudarsono-Entrepreneurship Development Through Youth Cooperative.pdf71.75 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p142-Yulius Widi Nugroho,H. Chandra-Technology and Pedagogy Video Technology Francisca for Learning.pdf266.58 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p152-D.Agung Krisprimandoyo-Corporate Rebranding A Literature Review.pdf272.59 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p166-Cicilia Larasati Rembulan,Kuncoro,Dewi Rahmawati-Spending Pattern on Young Adult.pdf63.91 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p176-Uki Yonda Asepta,Wendra Hartono-Small-Micro Entrepreneurs Dealing With Competitiveness In a Business World in Indonesia.pdf68.47 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p183-Wirawan ED Radianto,Eko Budi Santoso-Non Financial Indicator as the Better Indicator for Start up Business Case Study in Entrepreneurship Education.pdf48.92 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p192-Totok Dirham Samsudin,J.E.Sutanto-Effect of Price, Product Quality and Timeliness Distribution to Purchase Decision on the PT. HDW.pdf138 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p199-Bagusranu Wahyudi Putra,Hermeindito-Bussiness Plan PT. Distribusi Musik Indonesia (DMI).pdf160.52 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p215-Tina Melinda-Growing Role of Organizational Culture in Innovation to Improve Performance.pdf26.42 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p219-Victor Yuwono Setianto,Denny Bernardus-Effect of Herzberg Motivation Theory to Performance of MGM Program Customers at PT Mandiri Sekuritas Branch Adityawarman Surabaya.pdf79.95 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p227-Monica Lisayani Pramono, Tina Melinda-The Effects of Motivation and Discipline to cv. Mmr Work Habit.pdf187.14 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p233-David Sukardi Kodrat-Creating Entrepreneur Based Competition.pdf108.07 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p249-Hari Mainantyo, J.E.Sutanto-Motivation Effect to Productivity on the PT. XYZ in Sidoarjo East Java.pdf58.45 Kb


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ICOEN2-2015-p001-Romauli Nainggolan-Social Entrepreneur And Informal Education.pdf335.88 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p008-Arif Firmansyah,Renny Kusuma Wardhani-The Antecedents of Student Entrepreneurial Intention Investigation on the Students of International Business Management Program, Surabaya.pdf270.95 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p016-Erni Halim,Yudithia Dian Putra-Analysis of the Factors in E-Commerce Customer Satisfaction.pdf404.83 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p034-Yulyar Kartika Wijayanti, Erwin Dyah Astawinetu-Marketing Analysis of Tourism Visits in Museum De Javasche Bank Surabaya.pdf268.18 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p044-Moh. Ilham, David Sukardi Kodrat-Analysis of Effect Rational Marketing, Emotional Marketing, and Spiritual Marketing to Customer Satisfaction in Pijat Stiwi Massage With Spiritual Energy.pdf437.86 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p056-Ronald B. Sitolang, David Sukardi Kodrat-Improvement and Development of HR Department in Family Business Enterprise XYZ pty., ltd. Analysis.pdf389.88 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p062-Sendy Kurniawan Sugondo-The Influence of Quality Product and Price on Consumer Buying Decision Tengiri Fish Crackers at Surabaya City.pdf167.73 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p067-Hengky Chandra, J.E. Sutanto-An Analysis of the Effect of Service Quality on Guess Satisfaction and Loyalty of Hotel AB in Balikpapan.pdf385.83 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p078-Agostinho Afonso, Longuinhos Armando, Feliciana G.Baros-Effect of Credit and Interest Rate for Small Business Revenue (Case Study Ngo Moris Rasik in Atabae Unit).pdf136.74 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p088-Carolina Gonçalves Ribeiro, Longuinhos Armando, Siti Nurhadijah-Effect of Credit and Improvement Revenue for Small Business (A Case Study Ngo Tuba Rai Metin , Branch Liquica).pdf127.94 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p097-Celestina de Carvalho Teles, Elido Dearaujo, Guilhermino Mendonça-Effect of Credit and Loan Interest Rate on Customer Satisfaction (Case Study PT Bank Mandiri).pdf189.66 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p106-Cesaltina Da Conceicao Isac, Manuel dos Leosiga Santos, Jose Da Silva-Influence of Motivation and Work Environment Working on the Performance of Employees on Ministry of Education (Case.pdf140.97 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p114-Cesaltina Da Silva,Longuinhos Armando,Agapito Barros-Effect of Interest Rate Savings and Inflation Rate of Interest Saving Customers (A Case Study PT. Bank Mandiri (persero), Tbk., Bran.pdf148.29 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p123-Cesaltina Falcao De Araujo, Elidio de Araujo, Olga da Silva E. Cruz-Influence of Leadership and Communication Achievement of Work (Case Study on National Statistics Dili, Timor leste).pdf188.56 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p133-Dirce Fernades Neves, Manuel do Santos, Marcos Ulan Bere-Influence of Leadership Style and Compensation to the Spirit of Employees (Case Study PadaComite Olimpico Nacoinal Timor-LesteCo.pdf124.7 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p142-Domingas de Jesus, Lucas Da Cost, Marcus Ulan Bere-Effect of Interest Rate Savings and Quality of Interest Saving (Case Study In Pt.Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk Dili, East Timor).pdf199.33 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p152-Domingas Soares Da Cruz, Francisco Nicolau Barbosa, Imelda MFQuim-Effect of Savings Deposits and Interest Rate on Credit Allocation of Credit Investasis (Case Study In PT.Bank Mandiri (.pdf240.55 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p160-Elizabeth De Jesus Pires,John Sri-Guntur, Clara Dias Ximenes-Effect of Credit and Supervision Credit Bank of Revenue (Case Study On the National Bank Comersio de Timor-Leste BNCTL Malia.pdf186.73 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p170-Xavier Ferdinandes Barreto, Caetano C. Correia, Carlito BM Caeiro-Analysis of the Use of Budget and Budget Realization for Assessing the Financial Performance (A Case Study Covalima Dis.pdf43.99 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p178-J.E.Sutanto-The Influence of Servqual Dimention on Customer Satisfaction (A Case Study on Modern Retail of M-MART at Mojokerto–East Java).pdf202.74 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p185-Julio Gusmao, Cristino Gusmão, Delia Iria Magno De Araujo-Analysis Planning and Cost Control for Assessing the Use of Production Costs (Case Study In March Mira Block Building Industria.pdf54.38 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p194-Manuela Da Costa Smith,João da Costa Freitas,Delia, I, M, De, Arauju-Penatapan Effect of Price and Quality Product to the Consumer Interest (Case Study Super Market Leader Dili in East .pdf119.78 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p202-Maria Antonia Da Costa Soarese E. Silvia, Francisco NB Barbosa, Silvester Xavier Sufa Efi-Analysis of Budget Planning and Budget Realization for Easuring Financial.pdf126.86 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p210-Maria Ruli Afsarini Barros, Carceres Caetano Correia, Lic, Eco2, Carlos Barreto-Control Budget Analysis for Measuring the Level of Profitability (Case Study on companies Esset Home Cent.pdf61.85 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p220-Olinda Moniz Xavier, Caetano C. Correia, Leonel Da Cruz-Analysis of Financial Statements as a Tool to Support Financial Performance Evaluation (A Case Study Leader Supermarket Company, .pdf136.68 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p229-Pedro Soares, Lucas Da Costa, Caetano C. Correia-Analysis of Use Project Budget and Period of Project Quality Projects Penjadwalam (Case Study At Company Atramor successo. Lda. Dili.Tim.pdf42.7 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p236–Quintino Pereira Bere,Lucas da Costa,Francisco N. B. Barbosa-Pengaruh Industri Minyak dan Gas Bumi (Migas) dan Investasi Terhadap Kesempatan Kerja (Studi Kasus Pada Autoridade Nacional.pdf67 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p248-Raquiel N.P.L. Da. Silva, Elidio De Araujo, Francisco NLBarbosa-Effect of Product Quality and Cost of Sales Volume on Promotion (Case Study In March the company Mira Block LDA).pdf119.44 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p255-Richardo Lopes Bria, Aparicio, Francisco B.B.Barbosa, Filinto Tai Boe-Role of Education and Training Within the Framework of Employee Performance Improvement(Case Study On The company E.pdf166.08 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p267-Miguel Lucas-The Effect of Supply Chain Management (Scm) to Competitive Advantage and Organizational Performance.pdf131.37 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p273-Handy Aribowo, Erni Halim-The Analyses and the Implementation of Tourism Product Management and the Improvement in Increasing the Competitive Factors in Tourism Sector in Tenggarong Ci.pdf327.07 Kb

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