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Passcode ICOEN2
MODERATOR Sonata Christian, S.E., M.M.
Waktu Nama Penulis Judul Paper
08.00 – 10.00 WIB Thenie Elzae Ongkowijoyo The Effect of Price and Product Quality on Consumer Satisfaction and Repurchase Interest at Cipork Keriyuk (G-Walk Branch)
Nadia Damara Putri The Difference Between 4 Types of Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality’s Function in Ability to Innovate in Family Business
Diah Ari Tapaningtyas The Effect of Cause Related Marketing on Arua Phinisi Consumer Purchase Interest With Brand Image As Moderating Variable
Wilson Linardo Factors That Shape The Decision to Have a Boarding House at Bu Tin’s Boarding House in West Surabaya
Indahyati Dwi Astuti The Influence of Successor Knowledge and Successor Willingness on Innovation Capability with Absorptive Capacity Mediation Variables and Moderating Variables Perception on Leader’s Approval
Nynda Rahmayanti Antecedents and Consequences of Destination Brand Attachment: Empirical Study on Surya Waterboom
Hans Kurniawan The Effect Of Marketing Mix, Brand Image, Halal Label, And Word Of Mouth On Syrup Purchase Decisions At Cafés In Surabaya
Aulia Novitasari The Effect of Quality of Work Life on Generation Y Employee Engagement Through Job Satisfaction as a Mediator Variable at PT.C
Christy Deasy Restika Kawulur Factor Analysis of Capital, Family Support, Entrepreneur’s Skill and Networking that Shapes the Success of Women Entrepreneurs in Manado City
Shafira Mardiani Rizkia Putri S. Analysis of Attributes That Become Consumer Preferences on Bag Products
Nadia Putri Agusalim Fashion Business Sustainability for Fashion Designers in The Indonesian Fashion Industry
Devi Mawarni The Influence of Entrepreneurial Marketing Dimensions on the Performance of Wedding Organizers and Planners in Surabaya