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Passcode ICOEN3
MODERATOR Dr. William Santoso,S.E.,M.Ak.,CDM
Waktu Nama Penulis Judul Paper
08.00 – 10.00 WIB Alexandra Marcellina Harindah Siswanto The Influence of Price, Service Quality, and Word Of Mouth on the Purchase Decision of PT Daniel Samudra Abadi’s Loading and Unloading Services
Marietta Dwike The Antecedent of Consumer Attitudes Toward Online Shopping in Beauty Industry: The Role of Trust as mediating
Ivana Tanjung Analysis of the Effect of Marketing Mix 7P on Purchase Decisions at Sentra Snack Stores
Ronald Aristotelin The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance Through Employee Involvement as Mediator Variables at Snack Food Distributors in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Gresik
Nada Putri Parastati Analysis of the Effect of Social Media on Formation of Brand Awareness and Brand Image for Customers CitraLand Surabaya
Abdul Kholick Analysis of the Effect of Service Quality on Corporate Image and Service Usage Decisions at PT. Indonesian Classification Bureau (Persero)
Naufal Firhan Nasir The Effect of Publication Media and Negative E-Wom On Employees Work
Motivation UD. Sumber Indah Livestock Company in Pandemic Covid-19
Melissa Christina Profiling of Ciputra University Student Satisfaction with Property Management Services
Mochammad Baihaqi Effect of Need, Easy, and Trust on The Intensity of Using The Mobile Health Application to Conduct a Laboratoty Examination (Case Study on Pramita Lab Surabaya Patients)
Rio Chandra Importance-Perfomance Analysis (IPA) Implementation: Preference Analysis of Young Consumers of PengenKopi (Case Study on Young Consumer’s of Pengenkopi in Batam City)
Melisa Krisnawati, Jesica wienadi, Trianggoro Wiradinata The Effect of Consumer Trust and Perceived Risk on e-Wallet Adoption: Considerationfor Technology Startup Entrepreneurs
Jean Adriani Factors Affecting Financial Behaviors: Studies in Students Who do Venture Creation