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:  October 7th , 2020

:  October 10th, 2020

:  October 12th, 2020

:  October 22nd, 2020

7th International Conference on Entrepreneurship (ICOEN) 2020

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Main Session

07.30 - 08.00Open ZoomCharly Hongdiyanto, S.E., M.M., CPS®Dr. Henry Susanto Pranoto, Bible, B.Mus., M.Mus.

08.00 - 08.03National Anthem of Indonesia
08.03 - 08.06Hymn of Ciputra University
08.06 - 08.10Opening PrayerDamelina Basauli Tambunan, S.E., M.M., Ph.D., CLC., CPM (Asia)
08.10 - 08.15Opening Performance by PASM
08.15 - 08.25Welcoming Speech from Conference ChairmanDr. Dra. Tina Melinda, MM., CPM (Asia)
08.25 - 08.35Welcoming Speech from Rector of Ciputra UniversityIr. Yohannes Somawiharja, M.Sc.
08.35 - 08.40Welcoming Speech from Dean of Faculty of Management & Business of Ciputra UniversityProf. Dr. Ch. Whidya Utami, M.M., CLC., CPM.(A)
08.40 - 09.40Keynote Speech 1- Ir. Iskandar Abubakar, MSc.Dr. Augustinus Nicolaas Hillebrandes Oroh, S.E., MBA.Dr. Augustinus Nicolaas Hillebrandes Oroh, S.E., MBA.Online
09.40 - 10.40Keynote Speech 2- Professor Aron O'Cass (Macquarie University, Australia)
10.40 - 11.00Q&A Session 1
11.00 - 11.50Keynote Speech 3- Professor Hamid Bouchikhi (Solbridge, Korea)Agustiono, S.E., M.Sc.
11.50 - 12.00Q&A Session 2
12.00 - 12.30Lunch BreakICT TeamAssign Breakout room
12.30 - 15.30Parallel Session
(6 Breakout Rooms )
Teofilus, S.E., M.M.
Agustiono, S.E., M.Sc.
Dr. Christian Herdinata, S.E., M.M., CFP., QWP., AEPP.
Helena Sidharta, S.E., M.M., Ph.D.
Carolina Novi Mustikarini, S.E., M.Sc., LP-NLP
Christina Sudyasjayanti, S.Pd., M.M.
Metta Padmalia, S.Si., M.M., CPM (Asia)
Dewi Mustikasari Immanuel, S.E., M.M., CPM (Asia)
Devi Rahnjen Wijayadne, S.M.,M.SM.
Irantha Hendrika Kenang, S.E., M.M.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Parallel Session

Breakout Room No.TimeNo. LoAPresenterTitleModerator
112.30-12.40072/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Denny Bernardus, Fulgentius Danardana Murwani, Imanuel Deny Krisna Aji, Liestya Padmawidjaja, Stefan Yudana Jatiperwira and Imanuel HitipeuwApplying the Experiential Learning for Improving The Entrepreneurial Competency
Teofilus, S.E., M.M.
12.40-12.50073/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Liliana Dewi, Kazia Laturette and I Gusti Bagus Yosia WiryakusumaThe impact of Owner Gender in Family Business Indonesia
12.50-13.00004/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Redi GarjitoFeasibility Study of Pagar Sayuran Organik Business
13.00-13.10005/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Adrian Suharko and Tina MelindaAnalysis of the Effect of Marketing Communication Mix on the Consumers’ Buying Interest of OE Bold at PT. Ongkowidjojo Malang
13.10-13.20006/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Ita Lusiana and Eric HariantoCustomer Preferences For Use Of Tutoring Services
13.20-13.30007/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Hisyam Hilmy and David Sukardi KodratCustomer Preference on Attribute Combination in Wooden Chair Furniture in Skema Furniture
13.30-13.40008/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Muchammad Zaenal Arifin Rahmatulloh and Tina MelindaAnalysis on the Effect of Service and Customer Satisfaction on Repurchase Intention, Word of Mouth and Customer Retention on Party Equipment Rental "Suyono" in Surabaya
13.40-13.50009/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Steven HumatoImproving Employee’s Performance in Companies of Citra Mandiri Mobil
13.50-14.00010/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Vidya Pitaloka and Damelina B. TambunanAn Analysis Of Consumers’ Preferred Attributes In COK-KIS Products
14.00-14.10011/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Maria Violetta Handoyo and Johanes Gerardus NirbitoValues as the Basis of Creating Violetta Stationary Startup Business Using Value Proposition Canvas
14.10-14.20012/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Irfianti Nur Jannah and David Sukardi KodratAnalysis Of Consumer Preference Attributes On Rajini Modest Fashion Products
14.20-15.30Q & A Session
212.30-12.40013/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Sabrina Restu Damayanti and Tina MelindaConsumer Preference Of Combination Of Outer Attribute Out & Jump Combinations In Purchase DecisionsAgustiono, S.E., M.Sc.
12.40-12.50014/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Teddy Gouwtama and Damelina B. TambunanFactors That Form Reseller Purchasing Decision
12.50-13.00015/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Rabhi Fathan Muhammad and Tina MelindaThe Influence Of Price, Service Quality And Promotion On Customer Satisfaction At Bu Rajab Resto Pancing And Cottage
13.00-13.10016/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Abdul Gani and Augustinus Nicolaas Hillebrandes OrohThe Effect of Product Quality, Service Quality, and Price on Customer Satisfaction at Loki Store
13.10-13.20018/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Bregasthian and Christian HerdinataThe Effect of Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness & Perceived Risk on Behavioral Intention with Attitude Toward Using as Intervening Variables Through GoFood Application (Study on Mr. Bre Geprek Chicken and Similar Business in Surabaya & Sidoarjo)
13.20-13.30019/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Firjaun Faris Fahmi and Damelina B. TambunanManagement and Business Development of Furniture at Studio Inside Surabaya
13.30-13.40021/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Priyo Utomo and Timotius F. C. W. SutrisnoWhat Influences the Online Purchase Decision of Electrical Equipment Product?
13.40-13.50022/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Darma Fathurahman Arifin and David Sukardi KodratInfluences of Integrated Marketing Communication and Brand Image Towards Buying Intention of Franchise Drink Business in Surabaya
13.50-14.00023/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Paskalis Dio Bramantyo and Thomas Stefanus KaihatuAnalysis of Social Identity and Co-Creation Activities on Behavior of Conducted Members of Coffee Enhancement Communities in Kisahkitangopi Café
14.00-14.10024/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Rachmat Suhendra and Thomas Stefanus KaihatuRole Analysis of Transactional Leadership in Influencing Motivation, Employee Engagement, and Intention to Stay
14.10-14.20025/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Khanza Nur Yandasari and Christina Whidya UtamiStrategic Innovation of The Srikandi Organizer
14.20-15.30Q & A Session
312.30-12.40026/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Gladys Greselda Gosal, Timotius F. C. W. Sutrisno and Vincent FilberTThe Relationship between Sensory Marketing, Packaging, and Purchasing Decision (Study at Coffesia’s Coffee Product)Helena Sidharta, S.E., M.M., Ph.D.
12.40-12.50027/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Aditia Sugiarto Prajitno and Johannes Gerardus NirbitoAnalysis of Factors that Shape Motivation of Driver-Partners to Design an Effective Reward System at PT HSA Surabaya
12.50-13.00028/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Ahmad Chanif and Tina MelindaApplication of Authority Delegation to Improve Employee Performance in Family Companies of UD. Sahabat
13.00-13.10029/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Hans Christian Yulianto and Augustinus Nicolaas Hillebrandes OrohThe Effects of Social Value, Value for Money, App Rating, and Enjoyment toward Purchase Intention of Premium Service in Freemium App Spotify
13.10-13.20030/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Yohanes Mario Vianney Imansach and David Sukardi KodratEffects of Leadership Style, Organizational Culture, and Compensation on Employee Performance at PT. Baliwong Indonesia
13.20-13.30031/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Nicholas Francois Gunawan and Christian HerdinataThe Effect of Price, Product Quality and Brand Image on the Purchase Interest of Two Good Bakery
13.30-13.40032/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Mila Rafika, Evi Susanti and Tina MelindaConsumer Brand Engagement on Brand Loyalty The role Brand Satisfaction as a Mediating Variable
13.40-13.50033/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Josephine Nyoman and Christina Widya UtamiAnalysis of Service Quality and Customers Satisfaction on Re-Patronage Intention of Customers at PT Liga Technic
13.50-14.00034/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Yoddie Y. I. Babuta and Eric HariantoFactor Analysis of Costumer Buying Decision on Neeyoo Fashion Retail in Surabaya
14.00-14.10035/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Gracia M. S. Turra and Tina MelindaPersonal Attitude, Subjective Norm, and Perceived Behavioral Control: Differentiating Factors of Entrpreneurial Intention of Highschool Students Who Are Joining and Not Joining The Entrepreneurship Education in International School
14.10-14.20036/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Rahmawati Rahmawati, Warsina Warsina, Agus Budiatmanto, Sri Wahyu Agustiningsih and Djoko KaryonoDevelopment of Creative Industry on Wayang Kulit Performance: an Overview of The Successful Factors of Wayang Kulit Performance
14.20-15.30Q & A Session
412.30-12.40037/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Arizal Liwafa and Christina Whidya UtamiThe Effect of Digital Marketing and Service Quality on Handmadeshoesby Consumer Brand ChoiceCarolina Novi Mustikarini, S.E., M.Sc., LP-NLP
12.40-12.50038/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Nur Khabiba Yulanda and Christian HerdinataAnalysis of Attributes that Become the Preference of Consumers Towards Hajj and Umrah Offline Store in Bontang City
12.50-13.00039/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Yustika Astary and David Sukardi KodratThe Effect of Promotion Mix on Purchase Decision of Kaluna Living Pillows with Brand Awareness as Intervening Variables
13.00-13.10040/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Eva Trisnawati Chumairoh and Eva Trisnawati ChumairohImpact of Leadership, Motivation, and Discipline on Employee’s Performance (Study on Employees of PT. Surabaya Marine)
13.10-13.20041/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Syela Kurniawati and David Sukardi KodratThe Effect of Mix Marketing on Consumer Loyalty with Consumer Satisfaction as Intervening Variables in Beautyessence Cosmetic Business
13.20-13.30042/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Ali Bekti Widodo and Tony AntonioConjoin Analysis for Consumer Preference Towards Interest in Buying Plaster Sheets
13.30-13.40043/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Hannah Vashti and Tony AntonioThe Mediating Influence of Price Promotion and Product Quality on Customer Repurchase Intention through Customers Satisfaction on Snack Products (Studies on Cok-Kis Cookies Product)
13.40-13.50044/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Samuel SabatinusInnovation Strategy Analysis through Blue Ocean Strategy for Wear It
13.50-14.00046/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Rheza Fernando Wibisono and David Sukardi KodratService Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis for CV. Ebenhaezer Berkat Langgeng
14.00-14.10047/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Melisa Christina Nugroho and Christian HerdinataThe Influence of Social Media Instagram on Purchasing Decision through Brand Awareness (Study at Hive & Honey Solo)
14.10-14.20048/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Mokhammad Reza Rizqi and J. E. SutantoThe Influence of Marketing Mix against Purchase Decision in UD Utama Karya
14.20-15.30Q & A Session
512.30-12.40049/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Rintar Agus Simatupang and Makarius BajariEntrepreneurial Intentions: Theory of Planned Behavior PerspectivesChristina Sudyasjayanti, S.Pd., M.M.
12.40-12.50050/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Ari Kuncara Widagdo, Rahmawati, Sri Murni, Trisninik Ratih Wulandari and Sri Wahyu AgustiningsihCorporate Governance, Audit Quality, Family Ownership, and Earnings Management
12.50-13.00051/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Antoni Gunawan and Tina MelindaAnalysis of Marketing Mix and Purchasing Decision (Study at Kene Kopi Products)
13.00-13.10074/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Yusman Syaukat, Nizar Nasrullah and A Faroby FalatehanEconomic Value of Restaurant Food Waste in Bogor
13.10-13.20053/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Rodhiah and Nur HidayahCompetitiveness of Creative Industries in Small Medium Entrepreneur of Handicraft Products
13.20-13.30054/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Hudiarto Sukarman, Febriyani Fitri and Angeline ChristianyApplication Model of Small-Scale Hotel Room Rates Prediction in South Jakarta Using Business Analytics
13.30-13.40055/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Stefanus Yufra Menahen Taneo, Sunday Noya, Etsa Astridya Setiyati and MelanyConstraints of Small and Medium Food Industry to take Advantage of Domestic Market Opportunities during the Covid-19 Pandemic
13.40-13.50056/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Mochammad Rozaq and Wirawan ED RadiantoChanges in Tenant Layout in An Effort to Increase Turnover at The Convention Hall Culinary Center (CH-Kuliner) Surabaya
13.50-14.00057/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020A Faroby Falatehan, Hariyadi, Yusman Syaukat, Sri Wulan Feridian, and Pipin Dwi AstitiReadiness of Cooperatives in Digitalizing Smallolder’s Palm Oil Plantation
14.00-14.10058/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Ni Luh Putu Agustini Karta, Rani Kusumo Wardani and Jimmy Harry Putu SuarthanaDifferentiation and The Five A’s Concept In Digital Marketing Of Small and Medium Enterprises During The Pandemic Covid 19 (Study at Cepaka Village, Kediri Tabanan)
14.10-14.20059/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Briandy Putra and Tony AntonioThe Influence of Self-Efficacy with Attitude Mediation of Toward Behavior, Perceived Behavior Control, and Subjective Norms on Active Ciputra University Master's Students Entrepreneurial Intention
14.20-15.30Q & A Session
512.30-12.40060/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Dihin Septyanto and Ikhwan Maulid NugrahaThe Influence of Enterprise Risk Management, Leverage, Firm Size And Profitability to Firm Value in Property and Real Estate Companies Listed on The Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) During The Years 2016-2018Wendra Hartono, S.T.,M.PA
12.40-12.50061/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Yanuar Ramadhan and MarindahFinancial Distress Analysis in Indonesian Textile Company
12.50-13.00062/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Rizki Candra Kusuma and Damelina Basauli TambunanThe Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Assessments to Determine E-Siap Product Development Strategies
13.00-13.10063/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Ai Hendrani and Dihin SeptyantoThe Effect of Return on Asset, Debt to Equity Ratio, and Company Size on Company Value in Manufacturing Companies in the Food and Beverage Sub-Sector on the IDX for the Periode 2014-2018.
13.10-13.20064/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020I Gede AdiputraThe Influence of Financial Literaci, Financial Attitude and Locus of Control on Financial Satisfaction: Evidences From Community in Jakarta
13.20-13.30065/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Pratami Harijanti, Tina Melinda and Denpharanto Agung KrisprimandoyoThe Effect Of Leadership, Motivation, And Organizational Culture On The Performance Of Employees Of PT X
13.30-13.40066/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Cecep Hidayat, Sambudi Hamali, Windu Octavia Hardhani and Hilario Yogi El’maraThe Effect of Loyalty Programs on Organizational Performance: A Study on A Five Star Hotels in Jakarta
13.40-13.50068/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Steven Yonathan SulaimanThe Affect of Social Media Instagram Towards Customer Retention on Kisah Kita Ngopi Sidoarjo
13.50-14.00069/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Bambang Dwi Suseno, Furtasan Ali Yusuf, Syamsul Hidayat and Dewi SuraniResource Sharing Innovation Model in Addressing the High Unemployment Rate in a Sustainable Way
14.00-14.10070/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Rurid Dwi Anggraeny and Imam BaihaqiAnalysis of E-Marketplace Use in East Java’s MSMES Using The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Approach
14.10-14.20071/UC-ICOEN7/LoA/IX/2020Ida Bagus Nyoman Udayana, Indah Juhartini, Ambar Lukitaningsih and Elia ArdyanInfluence of Brand Dimensions on Purchasing Decisions on Consumers of Hamzah Batik Shop in Yogyakarta
14.20-15.30Q & A Session