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ICOEN1-2014-p019-Akseptori_Mujayana-Cointegration of Indonesia’s Stock Market And America At The Period of And Recovery From Global Financial Crisis.pdf454.84 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p029-Hidayat,Abduh,Abadi-Competence Development Strategy Resources Actors Creative Industry Through Education, Skills And Culture In The Creative Industries Regional South Tangerang.pdf1.66 Mb
ICOEN1-2014-p045-Utami,Hendrasmoro,Murwani-Model Application Mentoring Pegg (5C) to Improve The Entrepreneur Learning Quality E4 Ciputra University.pdf589.82 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p059-Alim,Marciano,Bartle-Asymmetry Information And Credit Risk Effect on Loan Pricing In Asia Pacific 2006-2010.pdf596.1 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p070-Reyhan_Kodrat-R Trading Company Development Feasibility Study.pdf973.27 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p080-Nurmawati-Planning And Controlling of Raw Material In Accumulator Production At The Pt Xx.pdf498.18 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p088-Iswanto_Melinda-The Effect of Price And Product Quality on Buying Decision of Photo Cabin Services.pdf512.41 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p098-Jeffry_Utami-The Influence of Intrinsic Motivation And Extrinsic Motivation Towards Player Performance In Knights Management.pdf672.08 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p108-Susanti,Satyawan,Dwijayanti-The Internalization of Entrepreneurial Learning In An Effort to Develop Entrepreneurial Spirit on Vocational High School Students.pdf706.1 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p119-Bachtiar Jusuf Helmy-Effect of Sources of Competitive Advantage of Marketing on The Performance of Fish Processing Industry In Tambak Wedi, Surabaya.pdf509.98 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p128-Melinda,Kusuma,Liliani-The Factors Shaping The Spirit of Entrepreneurship (A Study In Small And Medium Enterprises).pdf537.67 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p136-Nekky Rahmiyati-The Effects of Fiscal Decentralization And Investment Growth on Economic Growth In East Java.pdf534.44 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p145-Firmansyah_Furi-The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation on The Relationship Between Personal Characteristics And Business Performance.pdf887.22 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p162-Purnomowati_Ismini-Ibk Program For Creating Student Entrepreneurs At The Widyagama University.pdf610.11 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p169-Setijo,Bernardus,Utami-Design Strategy For Property Developer Addressing The Policy of Bank Indonesia No.15_40_Dkmp On 24 September 2013 (Case Study Citraland Surabaya).pdf1.15 Mb
ICOEN1-2014-p185-Kurniawan_Sutanto-The Influence of Price, Product Quality, Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty of Dck Surabaya.pdf776.42 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p204-Sri Sutrismi-The Implementation of Student_s Entrepreneur Through The Cooperative-Based Entrepreneur Instructional Model.pdf644.44 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p211-Bambang Purwoko-The Influence Perceived Stimulation And Perceived Crowding Against Impulse Buying And Customer Satisfaction Ramayana Department Store In Surabaya.pdf685.83 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p225-Sukesedana_Sutanto-Effect of Internal And External Factors of Against Sugarcane Farmers Income In Ngimbang Lamongan.pdf678.21 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p239-Tengtarto_Kodrat-Feasibility Study For Development Business PT J.pdf547.55 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p250-Ongkowidjojo_Tambunan-The Succession Program Planning of Damai Sejahtera Family Business.pdf518.88 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p257-Wulandari Harjanti-Creating Comfort Zone With Entrepreneurship.pdf472.1 Kb



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ICOEN1-2014-p001-Erma Yuliaty-Observation on Return And Risk of Stock Categorized Blue Chip And Non Blue Chip In Indonesia Stock Exchange Observation Period February July 2011.pdf657.19 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p013-Hadi Wijono-The Entrepreneurship Learning In Abdurachman Saleh University.pdf475.21 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p019-Dian Maya Kurnia-Integrating The Entrepreneurial Skills Into Speaking Class In The Higher Education.pdf618.04 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p026-Karwanto-The Entrepreneurial Leadership In The Collage (A Critical Review of University’s Preparation Ahead Implementation Era Free Trade In 2015).pdf672 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p036-Herman Sasono-The Distribution of Goods And Services In Indonesia Through The Harbour.pdf958.79 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p046-Martaleni-Business Tourists’ Loyalty to Tourist Destinations.pdf1.45 Mb
ICOEN1-2014-p058-Soenarto-The Influence of Spp, Dpp, Infrastructure Facilities And Culture on Student_s Satisfaction of Pts In District of Sidoarjo.pdf671.81 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p068-Tanalo_Utami-Influence of Marketing Mix (4P) on Malang City Board Game Cafe Consumer Buying Decision.pdf492.15 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p077-Christina,Kodrat,Anshori-The Application of Project Based Entrepreneurship Learning Model.pdf491.47 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p084-Wirawan_Melinda-The Influence of Service Quality And Price Towards Purchasing Decision For Anugerah Sound System Service Employment.pdf772.52 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p095-Hardjawikarta_Melinda-The Influence of Service Quality And Product Quality on Customer Satisfaction at Cake Shop in Surabaya.pdf928.21 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p113-Bambang Anggoro Muljadi-Effect Of Buyer-Supplier Relationship To Customer Cost And Customer.pdf1.09 Mb
ICOEN1-2014-p134-Mochamad Mochklas-Role of Leader In Creating Organizational Culture And Product Innovation To Reach Sustainable Competitive Advantage (Study on Ngingas Metal Village Sme of Sidoarjo, East Java).pdf669.61 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p144-Afandi_Sutanto-Analysing Factors That Affect Usaha Dagang S_s Competitiveness To Suppliers.pdf605.51 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p151-Soegiri_Riyadi-The Implication of Economic Condition To The Employment Sector In East Java.pdf559.59 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p159-Suyanto_Warjiyati-The Type of Personality, Character, And To Build An Entrepreneurial Success Mindset.pdf557.22 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p173-Rony Prabowo-Design For Product Sales Increasing (Repeat Purchase) In Leather Shoes With Marketing Mix Optimization (Case Study SMEs In Tanggulangin Sidoarjo, East Java Indonesia).pdf598.11 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p180-Suparjo-Marketing Strategy Determining Using SWOT Analysis In UD Barokah Sidoarjo.pdf508.09 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p191-Tanto_Utami-The Effect of Promotion, Product’s Quality, Pricing, and After Sales Service Within Customer Decisions To Purchase Honda Vario Scooter At Rahayu Corporation Gresik.pdf885.46 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p204-Sodik_Wulandari-Economic Analysis of Reaction Conditions Macro Investor And Investment Decision In Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).pdf438.09 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p215-Sutanto_Utami-Entrepreneurship Education Affecting Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Intentions (Case Study Students of IBM Ciputra University).pdf680.46 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p222-Roesminingsih_Erny-Developing Entrepreneur Leadership In Elementary Schools.pdf522.13 Kb



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ICOEN1-2014-p001-Aminullah Assagaf-The Implementation of Marginal Cost Pricing To The Decision Management.pdf574.28 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p015-Lukman Hakim-Understanding The State Organ As A Tool of State Equipment Based Stateless Theory (Indonesian People).pdf497.49 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p027-Zulkarnain-Corporate Entrepreneurial Crime And Corporate Criminal Liability.pdf531.47 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p039-Rahmat Setiawan-Understanding Social Entrepreneurship And Business Entrepreneurship.pdf535.43 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p045-Astawinetu,Wijayanti,Sihmawati-Science And Technology For Entrepreneurship Program In Economic Faculty UNTAG Surabaya.pdf488.84 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p055-Sutanto_Bernardus-The Influence of Publisher’s Promotion Through Social Media Towards The Consumer Awareness of Fantasy Novels A Case Study of Ther Melian Novels.pdf1.35 Mb
ICOEN1-2014-p068-Gunawan_Sutanto-The Effects of Work Related Attitudes on Turnover Intention Among Employees In UD Libra.pdf698.42 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p080-Utomo_Subardjo-Analysis of Factors That Encourage Students to Make Online Business for STIESIA Student on Utilizing Smartphone.pdf468.38 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p089-Sutanto,Hongdiyanto,Minantyo-The Influence of Service Quality, Product Quality to Customer Satisfaction (A Case Study of Modern Retail in East Java).pdf866.87 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p101-Hasto Sudewo-Analysis of Trust Influences on The Commitment of Employee to Organization in PT X East Java.pdf956.9 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p111-Rahaju Saraswati-Oil Abundance, Genuine Saving, Economic Growth, and Sustainable Development in Indonesia.pdf1.09 Mb
ICOEN1-2014-p125-Dina Novita-Analysis of The Influence of Service Quality to Customer’s Satisfaction (A Case Study At PT Mandala Multifinance Tbk. Surabaya Branch).pdf552.01 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p135-Kartono_Suprihhadi-The Influences of Reward And Developed Expectation Toward Profession Responsible and Lecturer Motivation in Private University at Kopertis Region VII East Java.pdf576.11 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p148-Badriyah-The Role of Pumelo Fruit Juice (Citrus Maxima Var Nambangan), Vitamin C And Lycopene Suplementation Live Function Disturbance of Ocharatoxin-Exposured Mice (Mus Musculus).pdf887.56 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p160-Awan Kostrad Diharto-Developing of Collaborative Entrepreneurship Model in Indonesia A New Paradigm of Collaborative Entrepreneurship Model in Islamic Business.pdf880.44 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p172-Surjo Hadi-Design Analysis Tool Support Release And Installation Process Wheels Toyota Innova With Ergonomics Methods.pdf714.03 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p186-Christian Budiman Urbanus-What Indonesian Students Want From A University The Case For AEC 2015.pdf842.21 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p196-Syunu Trihantoyo-The Implementation of Educational Management Functions and Substances in Making A Superior School Based on Entrepreneurship.pdf746.99 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p205-Maria Christina Liem-The Relationship Between Leadership Style And Job Satisfaction In Order To Gain Customer’s Satisfaction An Explanatory Study.pdf1.02 Mb
ICOEN1-2014-p218-Wardaya_Bernardus-The Influence of Product Quality on The Purchasing Decision of Educational Children Books.pdf890.39 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p229-Gunawan_Efrata-Entrepreneurship Education Implementation For Entrepreneurial Project 2 Case Studi In Universitas Ciputra.pdf637.39 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p240-Suprihhadi_Kartono-Comparative Study In Transformational Leadership Style To Cooperation Enterprises Commission Based On Membership.pdf509.98 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p253-Helena Sidharta-Start Up Business and Their Pricing Strategy.pdf478.83 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p260-Sukesi-Increasing The Value-Added Of The Coconut Processed Products And Its Impact To The Society’s Economic Behavior in Pacitan Regency.pdf690.84 Kb
ICOEN1-2014-p274-Hermeindito-Does Naively Selected Perform Portfolio Efficiently Empirical Evidence from Indonesia Capital Market.pdf820.4 Kb