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ICOEN2-2015-p001-Nico Wujanto,Tina Melinda-Grand Strategy For PT RIMA To Increase The Market Share of Bulk Cement.pdf386.38 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p023-Shaila Wida Raharja,Tina Melinda-The Influence Brand Ambassador to Brand Image Online Shop.pdf90.28 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p030-Rosalinda Lieonard, Hermeindito2-The Influence of Product Quality, Service Quality, and Relationship Marketing On The Customer Satisfaction of TSM.pdf127.47 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p039-Maria Karine Santoso, J.E. Sutanto-The Enhancement of Marketing Performance Through Relationship Marketing with Competitive Advantage as an Intervening Variable in Istana Kain Seragam (IKS).pdf141.06 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p049-Aldon MHP. Sinaga-How is Unitri Entrepreneurship Programs Perform_.pdf81.44 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p062-Sabrina Sihombing-In Search of Indonesian Entrepreneurs Values A Proposed Study.pdf89.92 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p070-Trisno Raharjo, Tina Melinda-Analysis of Internal and External Environment to Build Competitive Advantage Renovatio Companies.pdf124.63 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p078-Hutomo Setia Budi, JE-Sutanto-The Influence of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Acupuncture Therapy Business.pdf49.4 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p086-Amelia Wulandari, David Sukardi Kodrat-The Influence of Motivation on Customer Purchasing Decision in Gift Studio with Perception, Subjective Norm, and Purchasing Intention as Intervening Variables.pdf179.94 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p095-Rizky Martha Riyandhani, Denny Bernardus-Succession Planning PT. Tech Oil International.pdf144.58 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p104-Darno, Christina Whidya Utami-Strategic Planning Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum (PDAM) Surya Sembada Kota Surabaya with QSPM.pdf106.28 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p117-Yoga Sasongko, Hermeindito-Anylisis of Cost Saving from the Floating Tank into the Storage Tank at pt. TOI.pdf42.54 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p124-Christine Santoso, Tina Melinda—Feasibility Study of Tine’s Delicacy Business Development in Surabaya.pdf22.63 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p127-Gracia Agustina Tedjokumolo, J.E. Sutanto-Reducing Rework During Production Process Through Quality Control Circle (QCC) in PT. Arcon Perdana Globalindo.pdf285.58 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p14-Shaily Wida,Tina Melinda-The Influence of Culture Organization to Employee Performance of PT X.pdf208.73 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p142-Fuad Maja, Christina Whidya Utami-An Analysis of the Effectiveness Innovation Program on the Production Process in Water Filters Industry in Surabaya.pdf49.52 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p150-Yenny Novita, Tina Melinda-The Impact of Price and Product Quality Towards Purchase Decision of Bidaran Triger.pdf124.42 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p158-Maureen Nuradhi, Denny Bernadus-When Words of Mouth isn’t Enough For a Design Firm Channel, Analyzed from Hadiprana’s BMC.pdf78.68 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p171-Yanuardho Tigor P, Tina Melinda-Feasibility Study of Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Mojokerto City.pdf125.98 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p180-Sri Hadiati, Yuli Winarni-Impact of Asean China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) on Competitiveness and Performance of Micro, Small, and Medium- Sized Enterprises of Ceramic.pdf110.51 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p191-Yuli Winarni, Fahmi-Analysis on Prospector, Defender, Analyzer and Reactor Strategy Application for Small and Medium Enterprises.pdf182.87 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p202-Liliana Dewi, Cahyana Subadi-Lucky The Influence of Student-centered Learning in Teaching Budgeting to Student Entrepreneurial Profile in Ciputra University.pdf55.33 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p211-Tias A. Indarwati, R.A. Sista Paramita-Implementing Business Development Analysis Using Business Model Canvas Approach.pdf249.48 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p227-Teddy Subandi, J.E. Sutanto-Analisys Effect of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty UD.Cinta Rasa.pdf169.41 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p240-Asmirin Noor-Internal and External Factors Affecting Prospective Students’ Decision to Choose the Private College in Surabaya.pdf39.16 Kb
ICOEN2-2015-p245-Edra Brahmantya Susilo-Analysis of Post Succession in Family Hermeindito Business at PT. Pancaran Tirta Kencana Supported by the Implementation of Control Management System.pdf58.45 Kb