Filename / LinkSize
ICOEN4-p001-Novendy Yoyada David Sukardi Kodrat Effect of Marketing Mix (7P) on Decision of Consumer Selection in Ny Dental Clinic of Surabaya City.pdf101.61 Kb
ICOEN4-p009-Insaniyatus Sakinah, JE Sutanto-Feasibility Study Business Development Kedai Ketan N in Sidoarjo.pdf236.81 Kb
ICOEN4-p019-Ryan Pramuditya, Christina Whidya Utami-Designing Blue Ocean Strategy Model at PT Natural Source Indolestari.pdf349.36 Kb
ICOEN4-p029-Patrick Goenawan T,Trainggoro Wiradinata-Succession Planning in a Family Business (CV. Manikam Jaya Plastik).pdf86.44 Kb
ICOEN4-p036-Winarto Poernomo, Denny Bernardus-The Impact of Service Quality and Positive News of Mass Media Towards Student Satisfaction in University of Ciputra.pdf381.14 Kb
ICOEN4-p044-Edwin Yohanes Gunadisastra, J. E. Sutanto-Innovation Strategy Implementation in Steel Manufacturing Company.pdf730.8 Kb
ICOEN4-p058-Juneita Titing Senewe, David Sukardi Kodrat-The Delays Factors of Housing Projects From the Licensing Management Aspects Point of View.pdf95.4 Kb
ICOEN4-p068-Amelia Alim,Tina Melinda-Influencing Factors in Choosing A Preschool (A Case Study in Ivy Preschool Surabaya).pdf158.99 Kb
ICOEN4-p075-Heryanto Prayogo, Tina Melinda-Developing Strategy of Product, Price,Promotion and Location to Gain Revenue of Kapin Restaurant Using SWOT Analysis.pdf91.76 Kb
ICOEN4-p083-Laili Affidah, JE Sutanto-The Role of SWOT in Business Development of Mahreen Collection.pdf125.31 Kb
ICOEN4-p094-Sheila Vania Winata,Tina Melinda-Innovation for Hype Leather.pdf153.89 Kb
ICOEN4-p102-Junko Alessandro Effendy, Thomas Stefanus Kaihatu- Factors That Encourage Decision to Become A Hybrid Entrepreneur.pdf186.06 Kb
ICOEN4-p111-Putro Bagus Sulistyo,David Sukardi Kodrat-The Analysis of Business Development Strategies in Esa Farma Pharmacy.pdf91.01 Kb
ICOEN4-p120-Allen Dharmawan Wicaksono, Danardana Murwani-The Effect of Self-Efficacy and Student Motivation Toward the Student Academic Achievement in Humanities Class at Ciputra Junior High School Surabaya.pdf122.75 Kb
ICOEN4-p128-Andrew Limandow, Thomas Stefanus Kaihatu-Perception of Potential Patients and Doctors Againts Doctors Based Online Consulting Services.pdf126.35 Kb
ICOEN4-p137-Antoni Widiya, David Sukardi Kodrat-Business Development Feasibility Study of Architect Consultant A.pdf90.76 Kb
ICOEN4-p146-Christian Boby Widjaja, Wirawan E.D. Radianto-Decision of PT. S to Continue or Discontinue a Segment of Certain Products Using Relevant Cost Analysis.pdf72.48 Kb
ICOEN4-p152-Eko Purwanto, David Sukardi Kodrat-Marketing Strategy for Scale up Beauty Clinics nfd.pdf80.26 Kb
ICOEN4-p160-Elia Rapha Tister Nursalim, Denny Benardus-Analysis of Marketing Mix About People’s Buying Decision of Walking Revival Products.pdf231.78 Kb
ICOEN4-p168-Puput Tri Kusminto, J E Sutanto-Business Development of Communication Education Institution of Surabaya, East Java.pdf70.8 Kb
ICOEN4-p174-Tjoeng Lenni Indriani,Tina Melinda-Analysis of Price Determining Strategy at Prima Skin Clinic Semarang.pdf121.39 Kb
ICOEN4-p182-Dian Juliantine,Tina Melinda-Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction Towards Amylinear Product-.pdf81.62 Kb
ICOEN4-p188-Henry Samuel Tanuwijaya, Tina Melinda-Online Marketing Strategy of Hot Wheels Product Using Marketing Mix.pdf99.3 Kb
ICOEN4-p197-Puspita,Thomas Stefanus Kaihatu-The Effect of Service Quality and Price Toward Customers’ Satisfaction at Toko Raja Pulsa – Ternate.pdf77.75 Kb
ICOEN4-p203-Febrian Bagus Pakerti, David Sukardi Kodrat-The Benefits of Using Sugarcane Loader for The Cutting-Loading-Transporting Management at Sugar Cane Factory Djatiroto, Lumajang.pdf80.7 Kb
ICOEN4-p210-Amelia Tedjabhawa,David Sukardi Kodrat-Positioning Strategy of Service Product at XYZ Company in East Java.pdf123.24 Kb
ICOEN4-p219-Farida Anwari, Hermeindito-Marketing Mix Analysis on Decision Making to Study in The Continuing Higher Education (Studies in Stikes Anwar Medika Hospital Sidoarjo).pdf154.79 Kb
ICOEN4-p231-Alvand Gosal, Denny Bernardus-Business to Business Marketing Strategies For Fresh Orange Juice Xyz Products.pdf92.63 Kb
ICOEN4-p239-Yenny Rahayu,Tina Melinda-The Factor Analysis on Purchasing Decision Making in Stores X.pdf228.61 Kb
ICOEN4-p248-Kuswana Rama Destian, David Sukardi Kodrat-Impact Evaluation of Swm Sps Dealership System By PT SIS to Pt RMBA.pdf86.83 Kb
ICOEN4-p256-Shinta Nastiti,Hermeindito-Leadership Role and Organizational Culture inthe Succession Planning of PT DABN .pdf80.81 Kb
ICOEN4-p263-Alfy Wahyu Pramita Sari,Tina Melinda-The Analysis of Brand Building Factor of Tea Product in Surabaya.pdf79.87 Kb
ICOEN4-p270-Amanda Syafrida Paramita, Christina Whidya Utami-Analysis The Influence of Trust on Succession Planning (Study at Sonokembang Group).pdf210.49 Kb
ICOEN4-p280- Anindita Laksmi,JE Sutanto-The Effects of Training, Recruitment And Leadership on Commitment to Service Quality Employees (Study Case Sonokembang Catering).pdf104.95 Kb
ICOEN4-p285-Grace Latumahina, Dr. Christina Whidya Utami, M.M- Analyze The Effects of Service Quality, Price, and Product Quality Trend Tracer on Consumer Purchase Satisfaction.pdf74.64 Kb



Filename / LinkSize
ICOEN4-P124-Didit Setyo Nugroho,Tommy Christian Efrata-Marketing Strategy Design in PT. Mitra Jasa Engineering Using Swot And Qspm Methods.pdf684.21 Kb
ICOEN4-P132-Eni Wuryani-The Ability of Cash Flows Statement in Predicting The Profit of the Go-Public Companies.pdf212.92 Kb
ICOEN4-P148-Mohammad Idhom,Ronggo Alit-The Development of Final Exam Registration Information System (Sipuan) as The Idea of Entrepreneurial Information Technology.pdf87.02 Kb
ICOEN4-P154- Rheza Fernando Wibisono, Charly Hongdiyanto-The Marketing Strategy for the Growth of Beu Photography and Videography Using 7p.pdf107.89 Kb
ICOEN4-P162-Sherly Wijaya, Tommy Christian Efrata-Determining Sop in Billing System and Receivable Payment Based on Customer Relationship Management Strategy With Qspm Method For UD Semangat Baru.pdf503.83 Kb
ICOEN4-P171-Sugiarto, Chrystia Aji Putra-Developing Information Research System And Community Service (Sirip) Using Lean Startup Approachment.pdf173.1 Kb
ICOEN4-P178-Lavinia Nova Lukito, Trianggoro Wiradinata-Penerapan Strategi Aida Berbasis Online Terhadap Penjualan Produk Crispymunch.pdf127.03 Kb
ICOEN4-P187-Lucya Kumala Sari, Hermeindito-Determining A Suitable Promotional Mix For Silk- Printing Industry R-R to Raise the Business’ Turnover.pdf61.41 Kb
ICOEN4-P192-Erine Raharjo, Tommy Christian Efrata-The Effect of Brand Image, Perceived Product Quality and Recommendation (Electronic Word- Of-Mouth) Toward Purchase Intention Of X Designs’ Wedding Invitations Products.pdf151.87 Kb
ICOEN4-P202-Ambrosius Wishaldi Limiadi, David Sukardi Kodrat-.Descriptive Analysis of Job Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, and Organizational Commitment in Xmg Real Estate Broker.pdf165.07 Kb
ICOEN4-P209-Eduardo Sugiarto- The Effects of Product Quality and Service Quality on Loenpia Nyonya Giok’s Consumers Satisfaction In PTC.pdf223.68 Kb
ICOEN4-P218-Alexander Wirapraja,Imam Wijoyo-Risk Management Analysis in Determining the Level of Trust of the Clients Who Uses The Delivery of Goods Through Online Application. (A Case Study of Delivery Service Using Go-Send).pdf187.89 Kb
ICOEN4-P228-Handy Aribowo, Erni Halim-The Implementation of Knowledge Management for the Profession of Management Consultant.pdf80.92 Kb
ICOEN4-P236-Arya H. Satmata,Tommy C. Efrata-The Effect Factors of Attitude Toward Behavior, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavior Control on Intention of Stock Investment By Individual Investor in Jakarta.pdf172.6 Kb
ICOEN4-p001-Michelle Clarizza, JE Sutanto-The Influence of Product, Price and Promotion Toward the Satisfaction of Business Customers of Toko Naga Emas Surabaya Branch.pdf185.9 Kb
ICOEN4-p012-Sassia Gezzari,David Sukardi Kodrat-Study of Business Feasibility of Gezzari Dental Clinic in East Jakarta.pdf452.87 Kb
ICOEN4-p027-Andre Prima Suranta Surbakti,Denny Bernardus-Marketing Mix Strategies in Influencing Cutomer Satisfaction and Loyalty at Cv Anugrah Jaya.pdf89.45 Kb
ICOEN4-p035- Miftakhul Arifin,Tina Melinda-Analysis of Importance – Performance Attributes on the Housing Project of PT. Mitra Cipta Property as Input for the Development of Customer Value Orientation Housing Concept.pdf176.99 Kb
ICOEN4-p044-Hermand Michael Tulung,Denny Bernardus-Analysis the Effect of Compensation and Motivation on Employee Performance Through Job Satisfaction in PT. Bersih Bijak Sejahtera.pdf130.43 Kb
ICOEN4-p052-Evi Thelia Sari-Create Wealth Like a Marketer and Maintain it Like A Manager Intrapreneurial Spirit in Practice.pdf136.13 Kb
ICOEN4-p064-Wike Laurenzia Warrauw-Kedai Notjap Business Plan With Canvass Business Model.pdf59.61 Kb
ICOEN4-p069-Geovanni Garias Pradhana, Christina Whidyautami-Feasibility Study of Extra Neutral Alcohol Development at PT. Energi Agro Nusantara.pdf194.99 Kb
ICOEN4-p076-Maya Ida Kesumawatie, Miya Dewi Suprihandari-Role Stress And Work-Family Conflicts in Life Satisfaction Among Fishermen in East Java Province.pdf83.14 Kb
ICOEN4-p082-Mira Farina Kusuma Dewi,Tina Melinda-he Effect of Products, Services Quality And Price on Consumer’s Purchase Intention on Mellocreme Clothing Product of Online Shop.pdf86.11 Kb
ICOEN4-p088-Mohammad Habibul Ghoni JE Sutanto-Feasibility Study Vannamei (Litopenaeus Vannamei) Shrimp Farming Business Establishment in Rembang.pdf186.09 Kb
ICOEN4-p100-Nanik Kustiningsih-Optimazing Accounting Information System by Using Six Sigma Dmaic Method to get Financial Benefit (Case Study PT. Philips Indonesia – Surabaya).pdf353.33 Kb
ICOEN4-p112-Stephanie Lauren Tessie,Denny Bernardus-7p Marketing Strategy Towards Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty at Fitness Center X on Surabaya.pdf154.47 Kb
ICOEN4-p244-Kartikasari Gunawan,Thomas Stefanus Kaihatu-Factor Analysis of Student’s Startup Business Execution in Ciputra University.pdf235.91 Kb
ICOEN4-p256-David Sukardi Kodrat-Balancing Business Dimensional and Family Dimensions in Family Business (Ownership Approach).pdf79.82 Kb
ICOEN4-p262- Laksa Adi Hanom Tengtarto,Trianggoro Wiradinata-Effect Of Employee Motivation, Organizational Culture and Leadership on Employee Performance PT. L.pdf127.92 Kb
ICOEN4-p269- R.M Moch Wispandono, Makhmud Zulkifli, Eni Sri Rahayu N, Deni Setya Bagus- Analysis of International Migrant Workers (Case Study of Worker of Madura Origin).pdf101.32 Kb
ICOEN4-p280- Randi Andika Hutama, Denny Bernardus-Feasibility Study of Human Resources Information System Application in Pmc Hospital Jombang.pdf188.58 Kb
ICOEN4-p286- Reynaldo Febrianto IskandarFeasibility Study of Establishing Re Do Architect Firm in Surabaya.pdf259.12 Kb
ICOEN4-p296-Kadek Ayu Windasari-Market Segmentation Analysis With Cluster Analysis Approach of Cuci House Laundry.pdf64.96 Kb
ICOEN4-p301-Khusnul Qotimah,Tina Melinda-Formulation of Good Family Business Governance for Company Sustainability (Case Study on Cv K).pdf99.33 Kb



Filename / LinkSize
ICOEN4-p001-Raditya Putra Awangga,Tommy Christian Efrata-The Establishment of Employees’ Work Motivation Strategy to Increase Productivity in Corvette Workshop Surabaya.pdf583.29 Kb
ICOEN4-p007-Cahya Riski, J.ESutanto-Quality Service Effect CV Bshb Towards Perceived Service Quality Users of Gresik Regental Goverment..pdf1018.4 Kb
ICOEN4-p021-Sasongko Basuki, J.E Sutanto-Factors Affecting the Family Business in East Java, Indonesia.pdf378.13 Kb
ICOEN4-p030-Manuel Goncalves, J Nirbito- Effect Of Attitude, Subjective Norms, and Entrepreneur Behavior Control on Sme’s Atsabe Community Behavior WithEntrepreneur Intention as Mediator Variable .pdf420.09 Kb
ICOEN4-p039-Jose da silva, Denny Bernardus-Entrepreneurship Learning Analysis on the Readabulity of Entrepreneur Trough Subjective Norm and Attitudes in Students ofEconomic Faculty Economy Unpaz .pdf369.17 Kb
ICOEN4-p048- Asy’ari-Financial Statement Control in the WealthManagement for Individual Company .pdf213.42 Kb
ICOEN4-p054-Wulandari Harjanti-Social Network Influence to Subjective Norms in Knowledge Sharing .pdf198.84 Kb
ICOEN4-p059-Dwi Perwitasari,Wiryaningtyas-Behavioral Finance in Debt Decision Making .pdf141.99 Kb
ICOEN4-p065-Hujjatullah,Fazlurrahman,Nindria Untarini-Comparing of Entrepreneurial Intention Student Between Science And Humanities Students (A Literature Review) .pdf253.03 Kb
ICOEN4-p078- Parwita Setya Wardhani,Menur Kusumaningtyas-Women As Entrepreneurs With Small Capital .pdf325 Kb
ICOEN4-p085-Tias A. Indrawati, Riza,Y. Kurniawan-Enhancing Competitiveness Smes Women Creative Industry in Surabaya .pdf265.15 Kb
ICOEN4-p095-Hafid Kholidi Hadi,Anik Lestari A-Change Management(An Islamics Perspective).pdf402.66 Kb
ICOEN4-p100-Yenny Kartika Halim,Trianggoro Wiradinata-The Influence of Leadership, Motivation,and Discipline on Employees’ Performance PT. LMA.pdf298.9 Kb
ICOEN4-p109-Senain, Farida Hanum-Utilization of Wood Cutting Waste Back to Material Furniture Through Social Entrepreneurship Approach .pdf427.02 Kb
ICOEN4-p114-Moch. Kalam Mollah-Influence Analysis of Motivation Factors Work to Work Satisfaction in Low Education Workers at Tanggulangin’s Sme in Sidoarjo East Java .pdf304.59 Kb
ICOEN4-p123-Andre Tjahyono,Tina Melinda-Traditional Snack Strategic Marketing Analysis of PT. X .pdf360.29 Kb
ICOEN4-p130-Hadi Wijono-The Implementation of Economic Empowerment of Micro, Small and Middle Enterprises For Food and Beverage Business in The Regency of Situbondo .pdf230.38 Kb
ICOEN4-p134- Ardhito Himawan,Wirawan Endro Dwi Radianto-The Effect of Leadership Style and Organisational Culture to Company Performance Through Strategy of Innovation,as Intervening Variable in PT. Bintang Sarana Ekspress .pdf376.07 Kb
ICOEN4-p142-Muhammad Yusuf Ibrahim-Legal Protection For Trademarks For Products Legal Protection For Trademarks For Products of Umkm Products in Situbondo District .pdf135.2 Kb
ICOEN4-p148-Nanik Hariyana, Lita Permata Sari-The Effect of Marketing Mix Strategy on Trust and Product Purchase Decisions by Jember Specifications.pdf137.53 Kb
ICOEN4-p152- R.A. Sista Paramita-The Influence of Size of Credit, Gender, Age and Education to Opportunity of Smes Performance Improvement in Malang.pdf259.35 Kb
ICOEN4-p165- Asra Al Fauzi, Denny Bernardus-Motivational Compensation Design for Surgeon in Neurosurgical Group Services in Surabaya.pdf447.72 Kb
ICOEN4-p174-Made Kamisutara,I Putu Artaya-Analysis And Design of Early Warning Application for Pregnant Women Health for Acceleration Reduce Mortality Rate Mother And Baby Web Based And SMS Gateway.pdf478.53 Kb
ICOEN4-p181-Rony Prabowo, Moses,L. Singgih,Putu Dana Karningsih, Erwin Widodo-Inactive Problem Recognition Perspective in Consumer’s Buying Decision(Study Literature).pdf282.36 Kb
ICOEN4-p192-Surjohadi,Heri Tri SaksonoSugiarto-Marketing Analysis Of Agricultural Product Marketing Analysis Of Agricultural Product.pdf242.69 Kb
ICOEN4-p198- Setya Haksama-Efforts to Improve Patient Visit Based on Perception, Motivation, Personality, and Decisions to Uses Health Care Aspect at Surabaya Lung Hospital.pdf535.14 Kb
ICOEN4-p209-Steven Irawan-Innovation Strategy Analysis in UD. X Using Business Model Canvas and Ten Types of Innovation Tools.pdf450.83 Kb
ICOEN4-p215- Darwin Simangunsong,Bambang Syairudin-Benefit Cost Ratio Analysis of Sukorejo-Batu Pass Road Project.pdf1.43 Mb
ICOEN4-p231-Tina Melinda-Family Business Viewed From Complexity Family And Business And How to Manage to Achieve Sustainability.pdf406.62 Kb
ICOEN4-p238-Soffia Pudji Estiasih, Endang Prihatiningsih,Handri Kartiono-Profit Planning Model Using the Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Approach (Case Study in CV Transtrek Indonesia Batu Malang).pdf405.97 Kb
ICOEN4-p247-Suparjo, Gatot Setyono-Information Technology to Develop and Improving Sales Product on Middle Low Business At seruni sidoarjo.pdf483.18 Kb
ICOEN4-p255- Churin In, David Sukardi Kodrat- Launching Strategy Delish Coffeshop in Kota Gresik.pdf264.84 Kb
ICOEN4-p263-Ristanti Ayu Dian Permatasari, Tina Melinda- Strategy Design Marketing Wood Flooring Product in PT. Srikandi Mandiri Sakti.pdf174.35 Kb
ICOEN4-p268-Sugiono,Tina Melinda- Optimalization Property Aset of Village (Study in Desa Ketajen, Kec. Gedangan, Kab.Sidoarjo).pdf362.28 Kb
ICOEN4-p280-Azaria Anindita Pandu’u-The Effect of Brand Image and Service Quality on Perceived Value and Behavioral Intention (Empirical Study in Culinary Business Universitas Ciputra).pdf337.87 Kb
ICOEN4-p291-Budi Utomo, Muri Hardiyanto,Sri Purwanti-Analysis of Consumer Behavior in Choosing Rice Packaging of Brands “Alami, Pak Tani And Padi” (Cose Study at Rahma Jaya Store Mojokerto City).pdf355.78 Kb
ICOEN4-p302-Lavencia Dean Ananda,Tina Melinda-Influence Relationship Marketing to Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.pdf874.4 Kb
ICOEN4-p322-Ryan Rizki Herdianto,Tina Melinda-Marketing Strategy’s Fullfreedom.pdf335.68 Kb